Development Disabilities Administration (DDA)

DDA assists individuals with developmental disabilities (and other qualifying disabilities) and their families to obtain services and supports based on individual preference, capabilities and needs, and which promote everyday activities, routines and relationships common to most citizens. One of the services DDA supports is employment.

ENSO provides employment services to individuals with DDA cases through contracts with the county governments where the person resides. Currently, ENSO has contracts to provide services in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

ENSO’s DDA services are tailored to your individual needs and desires. We offer the following range of services:

Employment Systems Navigation

Understanding the complex nature of the state, county and federal supports for employment services is a difficult task for even experienced professionals. We offer to all our customers and referrals an in-depth orientation and on-going support to understand and navigate this complex system. Our staff will introduce you to the different governmental agencies that provide employment support and we will walk you through the process of applying for some or helping you get support to apply to others.

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Person Centered Plan Facilitation

ENSO is a Person Centered and Self-Directed employment agency. We help you understand what is possible and make decisions based on your interests, skills and abilities. We do this through the process of developing a Person Centered Plan for Employment. Our experienced staff will help you set up and will facilitate the development of a plan for employment that is by you, for you and about you.

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Discovery services are the first step for many in seeking paid employment. ENSO can work with you to identify your interests, build your skills, identify potential obstacles and ways around them, and develop your employment plan to include goals, objectives and strategies.

This process is often the first six months of service with ENSO, but can be tailored to meet your individual needs and goals.

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Job Development

Paid employment is our goal. Job development is the process of helping you find that paid position that is just right for you.

ENSO Employment Professionals will help you network, target employers, build relationships with potential employers and provide proposals to employers to land you that job. We can set up and work you through the interview process that may include not just traditional interviews, but informational interviews, site visits and working interviews.

We specialize in job carving for our customers in the DDA program. Job carving is about creating just the right position involving just the right tasks and duties that meet the individual’s skills, interests and abilities, but also fit in with what the employer needs. Making you and your job an integral part of the work place is key to building a sustainable job.

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Job Coaching

Once a job is in place and started, we will provide long-term job coaching support. Job coaching is tailored to your needs as the employee and the needs of your employer. We provide intensive one-to-one support for onsite instruction and training for the individual, co-workers and supervisors. We focus on building you Natural Supports, the folks you work with every day, to integrate you more fully into your work place.

We continuously evaluate and assess the job to tailor support over time. Our goal is always to fade out as much as possible over time to allow you to work your job as fully independently as you can and want.

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