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Many Employers today find that they have a diverse workforce. Often with this comes the need for outside resources to assist with training, re-training and retention of existing workforce.

ENSO has years of experience helping companies like yours retain a diversified workforce while meeting company needs and goals.

  • ENSO offers business services such as Job Retention, Job Coaching and Business analysis.
  • We offer trained staff throughout the State of Washington that is ready to help your team.
  • ENSO can help your business to identify and resolve employee deficits with a team and one on one support. 

The Department of Labor posted on their website the following:

The goal of the hiring process should be to attract and identify the individual who has the best mix of skills and attributes for the job available. Ensuring that all qualified individuals — including individuals with disabilities — can participate in the process is key to achieving this goal. Similarly, employers and employees both benefit from a work environment that facilitates the retention of all skilled, qualified workers through effective job accommodations for employees with disabilities.